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Carneros Resort and Spa

Qigong Earth Day Celebration

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The Arbor
Saturday, April 22 at 10 AM

Earth Day offers an ideal opportunity to focus inward and explore your body’s energy with Inner Radiance Qigong, a profound practice known to bring deep soul centering and expanded Qi (energy) flow.

In this workshop, you will learn how to move and energize ancient movements that are the inner teachings of Tai Chi and one of the four branches of Chinese medicine. These slow movements, combined with breath and intention, bring vitality and support healing in the body while producing a calm, focused awareness.

Round out your practice with a powerful Earth Day meditation to energize and honor our beloved planet.

Our Earth Day Celebration includes:

  • 90-minute Radiance Qigong practice at 10 am
  • 30-minute post Mediation experience
  • Day access to Hilltop Pool offering Napa Valley’s most beautiful vineyard views
  • Option to purchase local wine, farm-fresh salads, grilled fish tacos and more from Hilltop Dining Room 

About Instructor Linda Burquez
Linda Burquez, DMQ (China), is a Doctor of Medical Qigong and has been practicing for nearly 30 years. Linda believes that regular practice of this ancient form of holistic medicine has profound benefits to physical and mental health. Through her dedication and commitment to the practice, Linda has become an expert in helping others tap into their own inner strength and achieve harmony with their bodies, minds and spirits. Her passion for helping people unlock the healing potential within them through qigong has led her to lead workshops around the world to share these teachings with others who are eager to learn this powerful modality of healing.